Thursday, September 25, 2014

Queen Bee Mug Giveaway

I am so excited for today's giveaway! I've been thinking about it every day since we decided to do this giveaway.

You might not be aware of how much I love things that are about being a queen or having crowns on them. I mean, obviously, I'm always talking about how I'm a warrior queen (oh, right and that's the whole name of this blog...)

I've always cared more about being a queen than a princess - in fact, I hated being called princess as a kid. A queen is regal, though. Princesses are in training and do not have much power. Queens, they can even rule without a king.

It fits pretty perfectly for us though, because Iman's nickname has been King since high school. Hello, yet another sign that we were meant to get together after all of those years as friends.. In our house we love everything king and queen and will most likely be getting crown tattoos of some sort pretty soon.

Anyway, this giveaway is hosted by Jessica from Ruffled Paper. I've been following her blog and shop for quite some time, and one day found out she started a FB group called Giveaway Garden. I love it and the group of girls I've met in it!

Jessica's shop and prints are gorgeous! She also makes cards and designs for wedding things. Speaking of weddings, she just got engaged! You should probably go tell her congratulations!

Now, for the piece de resistance - the queen mug that I love so much! I just love how much the celebrity world is focusing on being queens and female empowerment. Of course we still have a long way to go, but this past year it has become a little less taboo to be a strong woman (Thanks Bey!).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and don't forget my other giveaway for a custom stamp!

*all images courtesy of Ruffled Paper

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Check out one of our featured Warrior Queens:


  1. My favorite queen quality is confidence!

  2. My favorite queen quality is independence.

  3. Queen Quality that's the best = BEING A LEADER! :)

  4. My favorite queen quality is being a BOSS but also knowing that you're not the boss of everyone <3

  5. I adore this mug. I need this mug. I love this mug! Ah! I love everything you said about being a queen!

  6. My favorite queen quality is fearlessness! When you're fearless, you have a confidence that no one can take away!

  7. This mug needs to be the next addition to my mug collection. Best quality of queens? They have lots of space for said mug collections. Haha! Kidding...queens are best when they carry themselves with the utmost grace and class.


  8. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS! I'm thinking of making printables of my favorite queen quality posts. Thank you for sharing :)

  9. I think confidence is the most important one!

  10. YES!! Aren't both of those reasons the best?? I love your seriousness quote - may I use it in a future printable (with proper attribution, of course)

  11. GIRL! You are fearless!! I am so happy I got to spend part of yesterday with you - you inspire me!!

  12. My favorite queen quality in bravery!


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