Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly Warrior Queen Links #9

Oh hey, don't mind me shuffling back in here...I have had what is arguably the worst week of my life. Today, was a good day. I am hoping it brings with it a good week. It doesn't have to be particularly amazing, just more normal or better than last week would be nice.

The only thing I could bring myself to do this week is find articles and blogs to share today. Couldn't even find the time to post about this until Sunday night...

There are so many links that I might have to save some for next week!!

Do you ever go on Upworthy? I love this website's videos that challenge you and make you think. This week I discovered this video from Everytown for Gun Safety.

Dress code violations are part of every student's school life (at least, I think it is). We always had to wear our p.e. clothes if we got in trouble. This school took it a step further, to embarrass the students.

I can't smile enough because of this amazing designer at New York Fashion Week (and I'm not a fashion week type of gal.) Love what she did!

Alyssa Nicole's school is doing big things to bring awareness to sexual assault on campus. Every college should be doing this!!

I just discovered Chelsea's blog and not only am I loving ALL of it, but I love this post she wrote on thigh gaps.

I absolutely love what this company is doing with their lingerie!! Also, I realize I read Buzzfeed a LOT

What is the perfect body? This one is, of course!

This senior thesis performance art is the perfect demonstration and hopefully, will bring justice and awareness.

You've probably heard about the leaked celebrity nude photos, I thought this article was the best response.

If you only read one of my links, it should absolutely be this one. As the daughter of someone with breast cancer, this blog really changed my view on all of the Breast Cancer Awareness merchandise out there.

I'm saving the rest for next week!! Hope you have a wonderful week
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  1. Aww thanks so much for adding me to your list of links!! I'm so honored ;) Yay! We're blogging buddies now! I'm following you :))


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